Help Alabamians build new skills

We are working with educators, such as the community college system and AIDT, to provide a specialized training platform that will allow students to retain critical skill sets in the pathways they are most interested in, while also aligning our training with business and industry needs. By becoming an educator, you are offering your facility as a classroom to allow students to learn in this next generation workforce platform.

  • Become a VR Educator

    Thank you for your interest in joining the JumpStartAL initiative. Please note your form will go to our advisory team, who meets quarterly to determine upcoming training courses and training locations.

Training Locations

Benefits of VR Training

Studies show students learn best and retain what they learn when they have control over their own experience. And, they learn when it’s relevant to them. That’s what makes virtual reality ideal for learning and building new skills. In addition, it offers so many other great benefits.

Training Opportunities

By aligning our training modules with the needs of business and industry, we are helping to fill the supply and demand gap throughout the state of Alabama and increase the potential for economic development growth. By collaborating with local educators, JumpStartAL is providing a unique service that allows students to retain and learn information on an accelerated path.
List of Training Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

JumpStartAL is uniquely positioned to supply all services and VR modules to educators, while they support in opening up their facilities and providing faculty or teachers.

JumpStartAL partners directly with TRANSFRVR, an education technology company focused on preparing people for jobs that will set them on a pathway to live better lives. They provide the following:

  • virtual reality headsets
  • proprietary VR training
  • instructor training sessions
  • interactive dashboards

TRANSFRVR provides training for teachers and instructors by:

  • “Training the trainer” and providing detailed training that teachers can supervise the student training safely and appropriately via video conferencing
  • Including access to pre/post tests, best practices and student reports
  • Providing follow-up sessions for teachers after they have had a chance to experience the simulations in preparation for the first class of students
  • Supporting the local instructors remotely during the first class. Instructors will have access to student results immediately
  • Documenting performance through monthly progress reports and training results, including potential improvements and lessons learned

Each school will need to provide Wi-Fi Internet Access. In addition, each VR headset requires 10-feet by 10-feet clear area. Schools must provide secure storage of VR headsets when not in use.

We have taken proactive measures to both prevent the spread of illness and protect the safety and health of employees and students, including:

  • Providing guidance for practicing safe social distancing, frequent handwashing, limiting travel and avoiding large crowds
  • Aggressively sanitizing training materials and facilities
  • Asking employees to stay home if they feel ill or have come in contact with someone who may be ill
  • Asking employees if they have traveled or plan to travel internationally