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Develop candidates who are ready to work without the costs of traditional training programs.

Virtual reality (VR) is changing the landscape of how we learn. JumpStartAL and TRANSFRVR is a new and exciting, VR-based education and training program designed to develop Alabama’s next generation of skilled labor. JumpStartAL is partnering with business and industry to identify supply and demand gaps within your region and work to develop effective VR training courses to elevate your workforce pipeline.

We will partner with you to increase your overall talent pipeline and your ability to hire qualified candidates.

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  • You’ll hire job-ready candidates that you’ll retain.
  • You can offer students a way to explore career paths they might not otherwise have considered.
  • You can work with higher education, local government and communities to build training programs that scale and quickly deliver a compelling ROI.
  • As many as relevant: internal, external, etc.

Benefits of VR Training

Studies show students learn best and retain what they learn when they have control over their own experience. And, they learn when it’s relevant to them. That’s what makes virtual reality ideal for learning and building new skills. In addition, it offers so many other great benefits.

Join the Initiative

Our mission is to develop a partnership of public and private entities throughout Alabama to create a next generation of skilled labor utilizing innovative solutions. Join our growing list of partners who are helping us accomplish this goal. View the complete list of JumpStartAL Partners.